About Fred Archers

The Archer family has been in the jewellery business in Ireland since 1821. William Foster Archer came to Cork in 1850. He was a jeweller and diamond-setter.

He had three sons. Richard was manager of the Jewellery and Metalwork Department of Messrs. Wm. Egan & Sons. It was here that the famous Cork silver was produced. Foster and James Archer became engravers. James set up a class in the School of Art for Metalwork, Jewellery and Enamel. Under his tuition, all three were awarded honours in the City and Guilds of London examinations in jewellery and metalwork.

Richard’s family have continued teaching jewellery and metalwork in the School of Art. On James’ retirement, his nephew Fred was appointed to the position. Fred’s brothers – Liam, Richard and Paddy – were all manufacturing jewellers. They had a very successful jewellery workshop for many years in Patrick’s Street, Cork.

The firm of Fred Archer & Co. is now managed by Aidan Archer.

Fred left us in 2001 and Aidan is continuing the jewellery tradition making handmade brooches, rings, religious medals, crosses and sports medals.

We specialise in corporate gifts and also supply a wide range of  diamond rings, wedding rings, pearls, pendants,  lapel pins, key rings, golf items and special commissions.

A casket, above, made by James Archer was gifted to the Cork School of Art as a guide to Jewellery students. It contains all forms of the jewellery craft.

It is on permanent display in the Cork Art Gallery.

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